About me

Mag. Lorenzo Sleiter, MBA


  • German and Italian: native speaker/bilingual
  • English: very good
  • Spanish: good

I graduated from the German School of Rome, where I grew up bilingually, and have been immersed in German and Italian culture from an early age. I have now been living and working in Graz for many years and have thus been able to get to know and appreciate the culture and lifestyle in Austria as well.

After completing a business administration degree in Italy, a masters degree in human resources management in Ireland and several years working for companies in Germany, Italy and Austria, I decided to pursue a new professional path and undertake the 6-year training course in psychotherapy in cognitive behavioral therapy at AVM (Working Group for Behavioral Modification) in Graz and Vienna.

My previous employment taught me a lot, particularly on a personal level, which I was able to reflect upon during my psychotherapy training. In my current psychotherapeutic work, I draw upon both my own work experience and experience of living in different countries in Europe to better help my patients. One of the services I offer is helping people with integration problems at work and in their social life.

In February 2019 I achieved the status of psychotherapist-in-training-under-supervision (in behavioral therapy) and am now working in a psychosocial counseling center in Leibnitz (Psychosocial Service Leibnitz) and in my own practice in Graz.

Previously, I completed internships at the Aloisianum in Graz, a residential community for alcoholics, and at the LKH Graz II in the PS24 station, an area of the hospital dedicated to women with subacute psychiatric disorders. These placements offered me important insights into the clinical work involved in psychiatry and were both very important and fulfilling educational experiences for me.

I am now looking forward to delving deeper into the behavioural therapy field and growing my practice in Graz.

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