It is not the things themselves that worry people, but rather the way they see things (Epictetus).

My name is Mag. Lorenzo Sleiter, MBA. I am a psychotherapist and offer psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy) from my practice in Graz at the Institut für Psychosomatik und Verhaltenstherapie (IPVT) in Graz.

I grew up bilingually, speaking German and Italian, and work with people from both cultures. Additionally, my previous education and work experience led me to English-speaking countries and I still use English daily in my professional life. Therefore I am also happy and comfortable working with English speakers.

In my psychotherapy practice we will work together to recognize and promote your strengths and your individual skills. I want to help you analyze your inhibitory attitudes and behaviors. Through this process we will draw conclusions together and help set you on the right track towards your desired changes.

Psychotherapy is very rewarding and motivating work for me: the goal of alleviating mental suffering and enabling behavioral changes in the interest of the client is something that I personally feel is very important. That’s why I always have a mindful and appreciative attitude towards you.

I am a member of the Working Group for Behavioral Modification (AVM) and of the Styrian Association for Psychotherapy (STLP).

I can help with the following problems:

Anxiety and panic
Social anxiety
Obsessive – compulsive disorder
Depression, Burnout
Psychosomatic disorder, chronic pain disorder
Life crisis

My practice room

For appointments and inquiries contact is preferable by e-mail. If you contact me by phone, please leave your name and phone number and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatment.

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