What does psychotherapist-in-training under supervision mean?

My current job title is psychotherapist-in-training (under supervision). This title permits me to provide psychotherapeutic services autonomously following supervision by an experienced professional during the final phase of the six-year training course.

Please note the supervisor does not attend the sessions – under supervision means that I report on a regular basis to my supervisor about my psychotherapeutic work. In my case, instructors from the Working Group for Behavioral Modification (AVM) are overseeing the supervision. The purpose of this supervision is to help assure the quality of the therapeutic work.

Information shared within the psychotherapy sessions is treated with a strict respect for confidentiality, both by the therapist and the supervisor.

Psychotherapy training is regulated in Austria in the Psychotherapy Act: No. 361/1990.

Please see also the information provided by the Federal Ministry of Health on the basis of a resolution of the Psychotherapists’ Council of 17.06.2014 on the position of psychotherapists in training under supervision.

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